WillowPark Kids Camp Auckland

This is the post excerpt.

First blog post! Wanted it to be something special!

From the 9th-13th of August 2017 I flew to Auckland to be a Kids Camp Leader at WillowPark! I remember applying and thinking that there would be no possible way that I would be given such an opportunity; But then I got the email back saying that they’d love to have me on board!

Day 1:

I was waiting at the airport, bare in mind this was my first ever flight. I remember thinking about all the negative outcomes that could happen and just multiplying the possibility of it happening by 100.¬† When I arrived in Auckland, I had to try and find the SkyBus which would take me into town, but luckily it was right outside the airport! I remember the people in Auckland were just so incredibly helpful in the way that they were willing to give up their own time to make sure I caught the right bus to the Camp’s location. So I get to camp and everyone has their cliques. There’s the boys who are really only there to find ‘the one’ and then there’s the ‘I have been to 12 camps so far, how about you?’ leaders. I met a girl with a sense of humor identical to mine, she was so sweet!

Day 2,3,4

I’ve decided to put these days together as they pretty much followed the same itinerary. We would wake up the campers send them off to an activity whilst the leaders got together and discussed how the day would flow. Then we’d come back have some typical camp breakfast (cold toast, ricies or corn flakes and fruit salad). After breakfast they’d be some activities for each colour group which would vary from indoor games to making pancakes on a gas cooker. As the day would come to an end, we’d bring everyone together and share some camp stories before officially heading off to bed.

Day 5 (Last day!)

So today I was meant to be so much better than what it actually was… I had planned to catch the Ferry into the city of Auckland to have a look around and do all the typical tourist things! I left early in the morning after worship and managed to get the ferry for FREE!! It was pretty insane. I thought that being in town from 11am-5pm wouldn’t be long enough, but I shortly realised is was way more than enough time!

I would have to say the highlight of my trip would be both making some pretty funny and blessed friends and of course also getting my ferry for free! However if I were to go again, I would definitely plan out the final day alot more so that I wasn’t left walking up and down Queen Street for 2 hours.

God bless you all,

Tarryn Wilson


P.S (If you are wanting to personally be a camp leader yourself, follow the link http://www.willowpk.org.nz/ to apply!!)



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