Christchurch Youth Council Planning Day!

On the 17th of February 2018, I attended the Christchurch Youth Council Planning Day. The purpose of this event was to put new ideas out there for what we wanted to achieve in 2018 and also learn a little more about the background of the Christchurch Youth Council.

One of the first activities we completed was an ice breaker which opened the door to meeting all the new members and also getting to know one another. After this we all were handed a membership folder which included CYC’s kaupapa, important dates and the meanings behind all the abbreviations that get used during meetings. We then put together a group contract for 2018 which we all felt suited.

Shortly after the lunch break, we all split off into groups to brainstorm some new ideas for what we’d like to achieve this year. I found that I was less nervous when discussing in a small group as it meant that the others could support my ideas and give me constructive feedback without having to share with the entire group. Some of the ideas that were shared included CYC merchandise, growing our outreach and working more on the Slice Of Youth event.

Overall I found this event to be rather beneficial in the way that I now have a much more clearer understanding of what our goals are!

If you’d like to learn more about the Christchurch Youth Council and how you can get involved, click the link below!

Have a great week everyone!

Tarryn Wilson


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