Glenroy Youth Getaway Camp

Where do I even start?

It felt like it had been so long since I had last been on a trip with Recreate NZ! But then when I arrived, it was almost like the length of time from the last camp till then had just shrunk. We all just carried on conversations from the past trip and laughed about all the funny memories.

To be completely honest, I had no clue where Glenroy was so I kind of just went with the flow during the road trip. Once we arrived I took everyone for a tour around the site before we then set up for bed.

The next day was a mission and a half! We drove to Lake Lyndon with the kayaks to give them a go in the water. Just as we were driving in, the van got stuck in the rocks. It was hands down hilarious! But luckily we were able to push it out and keep driving. As the group of us was rather large, we split into two groups where one would kayak whilst the other walked around the lake. Due to the weather conditions, we ended up having to head back early and make dinner at the same time the leaders ran some games outside. Of course the first game that came to mind was spotlight! It’s crazy how well the game actually turned out and just the fact that everyone got the chance to hide where they’d like.

Fast forward to the next day, we ran through some abseiling with the participants which was awesome! Seeing them all work together and encourage one another was so enlightening. Even though the cliff wasn’t too steep/challenging, it was still enough to get the sense of what abseiling is like.

That night was by far my highlight of the entire camp! We had a talent show where every participant had the chance to show everyone their dance moves or singing talent. It really blew my mind how confident each individual was; Just the fact that they would really give it 100% and not care what we as the audience thought. It just made me think about how different our society would be if everyone had the same self confidence as these participants!

Overall, Glenroy was an uplifting experience that really shaped my thoughts.



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