Nelson Seeking Summits Tramp

Volunteering with Recreate NZ is always different for every trip!

Starting the weekend off with a 5 and a half hour drive was most definitely the perfect way to both numb my bottom but also get to know the new participants who joined us all the way from Auckland. With stops along the way, we were able to explore around many different areas such as petrol stations and public toilets! (I must add that I say that in a completely sarcastic tone) Although we did get the opportunity to visit an old-fashioned store which was pretty wicked!

On arrival we were quick to put up our tents as the last thing we would want to be doing would be trying to put together a tent in the dark. Shortly after, all the participants were absolutely pumped to go and jump off the wharf into the lake (bare in mind it would’ve been around sunset time so the water would’ve been freezing!) But this didn’t stop them from doing it.

Fast forward to the next day, and we’re off tramping to the hut. The plan was to stay at Lakehead Hut which would take approximately 5 hours until our team got there. It was so heart-warming  to see all the participants working together and encouraging one another! Not only that, but the trust that was built throughout the weekend was incredible!

Once we get to the hut, I take the lead in running the classic game we know as ‘I spy with my little eye’. Then we had a joke off! They had some of the funniest jokes that really enlightened my night. One of which was “What do you call a guy with a shovel on his head? Dug. What do you call a guy with no shovel on his head? Dug-less” As the night wrapped up we all set up for the night.

Waking up the next morning, the day definitely went by super fast! As we headed back to the camping ground we were all discussing our highlights and funny times that had occurred so far throughout the trip.

Overall it was so different to be doing tramping with a whole new group as I have always tramped with my Outdoor Education class at High School. I found this trip to be in particular very enjoyable and fun! When I talk with my friends about Recreate, I always mention how unbelievable it is that each and every participant has their own quirks and characteristics that shape them into who they are. This is what I appreciate the most when volunteering with Recreate because I could never become disinterested towards them as they are always doing something that will either make me laugh or smile!

To end this blog, I’d just once again like to say a huge thank you to everyone that has supported me through the journey of TravelVolNZ! You’ll all amazing and I couldn’t be anymore grateful!


All the best,

Tarryn Wilson


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