National Young Leaders day 2018!

A stadium full of motivated, young leaders is where I spent my Wednesday this past week.

It was my first time volunteering at the National Young Leaders Day this year! If I’m being honest, it was pretty crazy to experience the event from a whole new lens! In the past I have been along to this day with my school as a participant, where I got to sit and be inspired by a bunch of these well-known speakers from New Zealand.

However it was different this year.

To be able to sit backstage and actually have one on one conversations with the speakers I idolized not too long ago – It was an absolute privilege.

As a side job, I was allocated the task to sell merchandise and answer any questions needed at the help desk. This was the perfect opportunity to connect with the students who were at the event and just see them enlightened with new ideas and goals. As well as this, I was also able to see and experience a very successful event that gets held all over New Zealand each year, to then learn and take tips from the hosts and organizers.

I found that the most difficult part of this volunteer opportunity was definitely having the ability to be flexible and just go with the flow. As personally I am an individual who loves structure and routine, this was something that I had to adjust in order to get the most out of the event.

On the other hand, the most rewarding part of volunteering at NYLD 2018 would easily be meeting all the speakers and just being moved in a whole new and different way. The speakers that came along to this event included William Waiirua, Amanda Wilson, Riley Hathaway and Jono Naylor. They all were so diverse in their personalities and interests, yet they all carried the same values and just really merged well as a team.

Overall I found this opportunity to be super rewarding and hope that I will get the chance to get on board with it again next year!


All the best,

Tarryn Wilson


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