West Coast Youth Getaway!

Hands down got to be one of my favourite Recreate trips!

Started out with meeting all together to discuss the general expectations of the group and what is going to be involved in the overall trip.

Wasn’t long until we were on the road and off! And that was when it started to get darker as we reached the hills. By now we were at the point where the vehicle was travelling up whilst the speed was going down! It was quite hilarious + worrying when we started to think about whether the van would actually make it the whole way there!

There was 12 of us altogether which was really small! With 3 being leaders and 9 being participants I felt that the ratio was perfect.

Me being in the front meant that I was the ‘DJ’, which was pretty fun! And it also meant that I got to learn all the lyrics to the latest Ed Sheeran songs !!

On arrival, I can genuinely say that the accommodation was absolutely breathe taking! I’ve never experienced such a beautiful holiday home! (By the way we were staying at Drifting Sands, so if you’re ever looking for a home to stay in, in Hokitika, would 100% recommend!)

The night rolled round pretty fast till the next morning, when we packed our bags and headed off to Hokitika Gorge. Sadly the weather wasn’t holding up, so we had to head back 😦

BUT the entertainment on the way back was the funniest! We followed a group of around 30 cows walking down the road for literally 30 minutes!! They even all slowly crossed this really long bridge!

With popcorn in bowls and blankets to keep everyone warm and comfy, we all snuggled up to watch the movie ‘Ferdinand’.

The next day was filled with adventures! We firstly went back to the Gorge and walked along the swing bridge to take heaps of photos. Then we went to the ‘Kiwi House’ which was my favourite part of the whole trip!! The Kiwi House was literally like an Aquarium filled with different creatures from turtles to eels and of course kiwis!

Overall, this trip was so much fun! I can’t wait for what adventures are ahead with Recreate NZ!!



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