Dancing Like The Stars!

It’s been so long since I’ve sat down and really blogged about all the awesome opportunities I have been involved with! So now it’s really time for me to fill you all in on the journeying I have done over the past few months.

I’m going to start with Dancing Like The Stars. This event is huge every year, as we have approximately 8 different primary schools come to perform at Isaac Theatre Royal. I really enjoy being a part of this event as it allows me to be behind the scenes with these children who are so passionate and excited. Whether it be because it is their first time ever performing on a stage, or if it’s just to show everyone what they’ve been regularly practising.

When I saw that this opportunity was available, I put my name down straight away because I knew that for one it would challenge me to interact with others and also develop my problem solving skills.

Volunteering at this event involved completing tasks such as delivering safety briefings with the dancers, guiding dancers on and off stage and being a general director for those who are needing it.

For me, I found that my highlight was seeing the change in the kids feelings from being anxious and nervous, to then beaming with joy and excitement once they’d performed on stage. It kind of reminded me of the performances I’d been a part of in my childhood where I also felt the exact same feelings!

Having previously participated in a variety of performances, this really enabled me to relate to the children and how they were feeling which was a real big bonus!

So I guess my advice for you if you’re thinking about what type of organisation you’d like to volunteer for, would be to find something that you can relate to or may have previous experience in. That way, you’ll find that you can really connect with the position and take away a lot more.




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