Limitless 2018!

This year I had the absolute privilege of volunteering at the Limitless Conference!

Limitless aims to equip young leaders (year 10’s) with awareness, confidence and opportunities to pursue and excel in work they are passionate about. This is achieved through three stages one being the conference that was held this year!

Being my first time volunteering with Limitless I was a little nervous as one, I hadn’t been able to make the pre-meeting before the event so I didn’t think I’d know anyone. However, on the day I found out that a friend of mine was also volunteering! It was so good to have someone to go to for a bit more of an understanding of what’s going on.

As a volunteer I had the responsibility to co-lead the sessions that took place throughout the day, help out with sign in and also just talk with all the students about their future goals and interests!

This year Limitless focused around the topics strengths, values, goal setting, social justice and well being. I thought it was great that every student was provided with a journal which allowed them to note take during the conference and answer the given questions to then get them thinking more in depth about the topic!

Volunteering with Limitless for me was a pretty eye-opening experience. Especially as I was able to see young leaders grow with more knowledge and be inspired by the number of incredible speakers that spoke throughout the three days!

For more information about Limitless check out the below link!

IMG-3159 (1)

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