Living Springs Boot Camp! (Meeting Someone so Inspirational)

For those who may not already be aware, Living Springs runs weekend boot camps for new leaders and old leaders to be trained for the upcoming Kids camp. During the training we all get the opportunity to learn about they key components to being a leader at a camp.

This boot camp, we focused a lot on listening. Thereby we completed short activities that allowed us to trial out different listening styles to then decide on which would be the most effective at Kids Camp.

Whilst training itself was quite brief to cover all points, I met one the most inspirational person ever! Her name was Amy.

It was during lunchtime when I noticed she seemed to be a little excluded from the social groups that had so far been formed. I decided why not to go and have a chat with her and get to know her a little more as she came across as super friendly!! We start chatting and discussing all the things girls do like hobbies, boyfriends and jobs. Then she opened up to share her story. She explained that she survived a number of health issues that included glandular fever, severe tonsillitis, a brain virus as well as having blood poison and puss throughout her body! Due to this she was put on life support for 2 weeks and spent a total of 6 months in hospital! To put it into context, she told me that it started with just headaches, nausea and vomiting up blood. To try and cure this, she tried a type of herbal medicine which resulted in her not being able to breathe properly and then having to be sent to hospital. It wasn’t too long until she was put into a coma where she then heard the nurses discuss the fact that they’d need to somehow let her mother know that she’d need to prepare a funeral as they believed she was going to die. From that point on, she was just preparing herself to die, as her body shut down and she began to lose her ability to talk. She mentioned that the only words she knew at the time were “I am dying leave me alone” and her father’s name. After a number of treatments, she was moved into room where a night nurse looked after her. She was then lucky enough to be discharged and sent home. I was completely stunned by the fact that even though she’d been through an event no one would ever want to experience, she still came out of it wanting to volunteer!

I guess the reason why I chose to share this with you all is to prove that volunteering comes with so many benefits including being able to meet some of the most inspirational and motivational people! I definitely wasn’t expecting to go away from camp with such a story that influenced me hugely!

Also just to end with a wee promo:

Living Springs Kids Camp is coming up this October and we’d love to have as many of you on board as leaders or as general helpers! So if you have any questions or want to register, feel free to email me through:

Thanks Guys!!


(Below is a picture of Amy and I 💗)


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