Motion Leadership Training! (Auckland)

Was definitely an adventure of a weekend!

This was my second time heading back to Willow Park Kids Camp! Except this time I was going to be participating in a leaders training which would help me to find my strengths and gifts as a leader and then learn how I can use them for the best!

To start it off with a bit of a laugh, I managed to get myself a little bit lost (as it was night time and I struggled to see the street signs haha) I was on my last bus that I needed to catch to get to camp and I was a little unsure of where I was. So I asked the driver and he seemed to be just as confused as me!! But not to worry, a passenger who seemed to be under the influence of alcohol somehow influenced me to get off the bus and walk down the road to where I would supposedly find Willow Park.. After walking for about 20 minutes Willow Park was nowhere to be seen! But luckily two strangers were kind enough to give me honest directions.

I then made it to camp! Got my name tag and put all my bags in a cabin room before going down to meet everyone. We spent the rest of the night just chatting and getting to know each other which was pretty cool as there was a bunch of people I hadn’t seen since last July!

The next day we were able to choose two sessions to attend, and I chose ‘How to deal with tricky kids’ and ‘Games with God’. Both were super beneficial as I learnt a whole heap of new information which I can’t wait to use at the upcoming camps.

During the training we also completed some tests which gave us our strengths and weaknesses and what our gifts were. Mine totally added up and were 100% true!

As camp came to an end, I make it back to the Airport to then realise once I’d been through security that my flight had been cancelled. Surprisingly I wasn’t too freaked out! In fact I was more happy because Jet Star offered me a room in a hotel for the night as well as some vouchers to get breakfast in the morning! It was so cool!!

Motion Leadership Training was overall so much fun and it definitely tested my problem solving skills and how I react to change!

If you’d be keen to find out more about Motion (Lighthouse Leadership) then simply search up their social account on Facebook !!😊





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